7 Must Have Features to Make Your App Stand Out

Mobile apps have become a craze in recent years. With most of the urban population being proud owners of smartphones and tablets, it only makes sense for companies to develop apps that will dwell right in the palm of their consumers’ hands.

By getting your business app into the customers’ devices, you get a hold of a major piece of mobile real estate. However, just developing an app for your business will not do. It’s essential that users find your app worth downloading, and keep using it on a regular basis.

If you want your app to compete against the thousands of other apps available in various app stores, it must really stand out and get the attention of the user. And once someone starts using it, they must find it so good that they start actively using the app.

7 Must Have Features to Make Your App Stand Out

In this article, we outline 7 must have features to make your app stand out for users.

  1. Speed

Users who have a ton of apps on their devices will not have the time to use an app that is slow to load. Hence, speed is one of the most important features that needs to be incorporated in your app.

Not only must the app load fast, user actions must not take much time as well. Any changes made by the user must reflect almost instantaneously, so people don’t get impatient and delete the app once and for all.

  1. Simplicity

Minimalism is the in thing now, not just for mobile websites but for mobile apps as well. Make sure the app interface is clean and uncluttered. Any menus, links or buttons should be clearly labelled and placed in prominent places.

Minimize the number of steps required for a user to take action. Also, do not overload the app with too many bells and whistles that may confuse the user. The app should basically be easy to use, even for the novice user.

  1. Security

Many individuals hold a lot of confidential personal data in their phones. From bank accounts and credit card details, to personal identification documents, everything is now stored on the phone itself.

It’s essential that your app is 100% secure and safe from hackers and malware. It should be impossible for any outside entity to break into your app and seize the user’s private details.

  1. Personal Customization

No two people are alike; hence it becomes a necessity for each user to be able to customize the app based on their personal preferences. Whether it is color combinations or font sizes, allow the user a bit of freedom to make the app pleasing to them.

You can also allow some functional customizations as well. The user should be able to rearrange the functions they most use in a prominent place on the app, so it’s easy for them to access.

  1. Social Integration

We live in a social world and almost everyone has their circle of family and friends they connect with on social media. Make sure your app is integrated with the major social media networks, especially those that your consumers are most active on.

This will allow users to share something from the app to their social profiles, and even login using the same IDs.

  1. Offline Capabilities

Not all mobile device users have uninterrupted internet connectivity. If your app requires the internet to operate, make sure it has some offline capabilities as well. Otherwise, it will just be a dummy app when the user is offline.

The app user must be able to perform some basic functions on the app, or at least temporarily save their changes so it’s reflected when they get back online.

  1. Added Value

This is by far the most important feature any app must have. The app should add value to the user and make a difference in their life. Any business exists because they seek to make a lasting change in their customers’ lives. The same should be carried forward into their app as well.

Users should be convinced that it’s worth using the app because it’s going to make an integral part of their life easier. Take into account the time users spend on your app on a daily/weekly basis and make that time worthwhile.

These are just a few major features that must be included in your mobile app if you want it to stand out. The right balance of simple sophistication and relevant functionality will easily make your app the best in its niche.

Author Bio:

This article is authored by Sunu Philip, the Inbound Marketing Head for Cabot Technology Solutions – an IT consulting firm specializing in web and mobile technology solutions. Cabot offers progressive end-to-end business solutions, blending a solid business domain experience, technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model.