Android App Medium launches Out of Beta

In this month beta medium is launching its native app for android this app require to sign in with twitter or face book this medium app runs on kitkat 4.4 and lollipop 5.0 and 5.1 with the help of this app you can save and publish the posts. With the help of this app you can also access your bookmarks, make recommendations, reading list, and high light the stories. How ever there are some features you can’t do with the help of this app that you can on the web. You can’t see your states. If you want so you also be able to access the drafts and you can create the app for mobile in web version of medium but the company goes forward. In next version it expects to add.

User blocking

Enhanced profile to see followers, followings, highlights, and recommends

Landscape mode for tablets and story writing

User and publication search

android-app-medium-launches-out-of-betaIn late may the company first announced the android beta. Medium also has iOS app which introduced last year.

There’s a medium between large and small. A versatile digital agency with limitless creativity and resources. Medium is the new in the web where’s all the people can share stories ideas that are bigger then 150 characters and its just for not friends. Its design for stories that make your day better that change the world its simple and beautiful it can be used by every one from professional journalists to amateur cooks.