Android Lollipop Users Facing Critical Battery Drain Issue

The Android versions are the latest updates to provide best connectivity to the users to experience best features and mobile performance as well. Many of the applications and games were not running on the older versions of the Android and this is why the Android company launches the latest updates to the version that supports many of the apps and games and provide best connectivity to the users as well as this latest software update has many of the issue that the users felt as well.

android-lollipop-users-facing-critical-battery-drain-issueThe Android Company made a pool to know the issues of the users in the latest version of the Lollipop update. Many of the users experience battery drain issue in the latest lollipop version a lot. The Android Issue Tracker site got many of complains and the words of the people that are using the latest version of the Android Lollipop and they share all of complains in the site as well. Many of the users said that the mobile battery is consuming a lot by using mobile data and when Wi-Fi is on that problem never happens.

Some of the users said that the Google applications are taking much battery charge like Google Now launcher and Google Chrome and it also uses much mobile data of the mobile. One of the users commented that by using Radio it took up to 63 % of the battery charge only by active mode and not running the smart phone for 8 hours. Some of the users of the Nexus smart phones also feel the same problem in their device and they said that Radio only works on the mobile data and not working on Wi-Fi.
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The complains exist in many of the smart phones like Samsung S6, HTC One, Moto X and HTC One M8. The Google system reported all of complains and will soon come with a solution for these problems quickly. This happened in the last year as well and the users were having problems with the use of the latest version of the Android and then soon Google has fixed the problem and this time it is wished that Google will soon fix it as well.

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