Android M announced OnePlus Preview

In this year android M is announced at the Google. It is a good revision for the lollipop it is not as major but it refines lollipop. In this device the cool thing is that is they have developmental phases a fellow developer has able to boot it up a one plus one. This is true and not fake attention. Showing his work he is not attached a video but has promised for more development which means we see a usable build that is coming for the one plus one very soon.

The main thing to note here is that as android M has only gotten past boot sequence. In this device there is no apps now drivers no usability are missing this device has no longer sound as it is common users but for the third party users it is a big plus we expect a more stable build to follow so in this space keep on eye. We don’t know about the one plus 2 will come with android M or android lollipop.

android-m-announced-oneplus-previewMore probable the latter seems due to the date when one plus 2 is going to be announced. Unlike others one plus have revealed a lot of details the actual lunch of the phone. We know about the scanner processor USB port finger print RAM and battery.