Android Phones Continue to Upload Images to Google – App Deleted

To fully unlock your functions in your android smart phone you need to log in in the Google account. Access to the play store, et cetera, email app. You can make your ID in the G mail you can use this ID for all Google services like You Tube calendar and for chrome. Any time you can do any thing in your account for example you can upload your images you can search those who you want watch a video are download the files sorry for about the introduction of the vague but a some scandals seems to be ready to erupt on the net and now we feel about the work together of the android and Google accounts.

android-phones-continue-to-upload-images-to-google-app-deletedA Mr. David said that his journals reports upload by his android phone to the Google account even that he deleted his Google photos app. He said that this a major privacy concern, and we see how could get alarmed by what he witnessed we are able reproduce the issue and the android phone do this very well.

Google photos is just a viewer the thing is that this is an app that allow user to look the picture stored both in their Google account and also in your phone Google account all of your data sync to its respective services so once you installed the app and you take the photo it will sync with Google cloud. This can be indeed be confusing if your app is gone the service is not be in your use this is the common logic that most people follow. Google loves aggregating data and it is also loves to draw people to the Google plus social media in any way so it will try to tie your data to its cloud.

I have some good news and some thing to remember is that once your photos upload to the cloud they will not become public on Google if you not approve them to be posted. If you do not want to your photos sync with the Google photos then for you can do the following here I given follow it. Go to settings> Accounts> Google: after this select your primary Google account and de-check the “Sync Photos” option.