How to Restore & Backup Whatsapp Conversations to Google Drive

WhatsApp is one of the most admired and top rated app for chat and content sharing with friends like pictures, music and videos all around the world. The App is making changes gradually to make it better for the users and recently WhatsApp added a voice Call activation material design UI.

The latest update 2.12.45 of the App is guess to bring all of the features that can provide the chance to backup all of the conversations of the WhatsApp chat and also in the Google Drive. By this Latest update all of the users will be able to store and backup all of their personal chat and conversations to the Google Drive and they will be safe from losing their personal data or chat as well.

So here are the easy way of using this Backup and Restore feature of the WhatsApp and the way of using it as well. This feature of the backup will restore & backup your chat, images and voice recordings but videos will not be saved in the Google Drive.

How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp to Google Drive

  1. Download the latest WhatsApp version 2.12.45 from the Official APK and update your version.
  2. Then go to Setting and select Chat Settings and then click upon Chat Backup.
  3. In the Chat Backup select your desired Backup Frequency given in the menu that is Daily, Weekly and Monthly. After that select the account of the Google in which you can store all of you chat and it will be stored in the account.
  4. The Daily Backup of the WhatsApp will be done at 4:00 AM and you can manually by using Back up Now Option in the drive.
  5. The backup of the WhatsApp is not accessed from Google Drive because the App data is hidden and you can use it by going to Settings and then select Manage Apps. Here you can delete apps and also disconnect WhatsApp.

Restore WhatsApp Chat from Google Drive

how-to-restore-backup-whatsapp-conversations-to-google-driveFor this purpose the user will not do anything just connect WhatsApp and connect it with Google Account and after that it will directly look for local and Google backup and after that provide the restore option in the app. By selecting the Restore Option it will directly restore all of the conversations in Google Drive and you can access it as well after it is completed.

It will also be shown in the status in notification panel in the device. This is the end of the Restore & Backup Tutorial of the WhatsApp Conversations and we hope you get it useful and also share your view in the comments.