Best Apps for Caregivers

Now, there are several apps that you can make use of on a tablet or a smartphone to make caregiving tasks easier to do each and every day. The following is a list of our recommended family caregivers apps:

  1. The CareZone

This is a great app that lets you securely take care of the health information for your loved one. It includes:

  • Creating advance directives
  • Adding important contacts
  • Listing insurance details
  • Updating medical files
  • Medications

This is a friendly app that makes it simple to sort information out in many ways. You can enter medical details by hand and include dosages or doctor, family member, insurance or pharmacy contacts. You can also add important health information like symptoms or care instructions.

With this app, you can also update photos and make sure that documents are readily available. There is a calendar feature that also lets you note appointments and refill information. You can sync events with other calendars that you can share with other people. You can also use the to-do feature which lets you manage a list of important tasks. The app also allows you to upload files. This is one of the many roles tech plays in the care sector, you can see more here at Charles Hunter

  1. Caring Bridge App

Here is an app which allows you to have emotional support from family and from friends. Make your own website using CaringBridge and provide your loved one’s latest health information and needs in one convenient place.

You can make your website in a few steps. The app will walk you through the process in a safe manner. The only people who have access to the website are those that you invite to see it. Use the planner and schedule important dates, appointments or things to do. You can also have family members access the site to help out and view any assigned tasks.

Another feature that makes this app different from the rest is the fundraising feature. The app partners with GoFundMe to raise money for medical costs or for caregiving needs.

  1. The Headspace App – Guided Meditations and Mindfulness

This is a wonderful app for self-care that lets caregivers lower stress and increase their focus. Meditation works for relieving mental stress or anxiety. The app guides you through the meditation process. Headspace makes it easy to meditate and learn how to transform your life in a few minutes a day. Use the app and enjoy many meditation exercises that are made for caregivers to accept more, enhance relationships and become more patient and resilient.

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