CM Locker App Updated to Support Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Fingerprint Sensor

CM Locker, one of the most popular lock screen app has now been updated to support Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge fingerprint sensors. For those who are unfamiliar, CM Locker is great app that allow users to add some more privacy protection to their devices by using lock pattern or password tools. Apart from that, if the app is installed on your Android phone, it automatically snaps picture using front camera when someone enter wrong pattern or password etc.

CM Locker App

Samsung in its flagships Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, included much improved fingerprint sensor for device control access etc. Taking this main application of fingerprint sensor, CM Locker developer have released update for their app to support Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge fingerprint sensors to make it almost impossible for strangers to get access to one Galaxy S6/S6 Edge. It is worth mentioning that along with this latest Fingerprint lock option, the other lock options which include pattern lock and password lock will be still available to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge users so its up to them to use whichever lock option they like or suit them.

Don’t worry about pricing, CM Locker is still free with this major update and you can download it from Google Play Store for your Galaxy S6/S6 Edge or any other Android device.