How to Configure Jio4GVoice App with JioFi Hotspot

Reliance Jio the fastest mobile network in india exploring with VoLTE 4G network. Jio provides high speed 4G data to experience the digital world. Jio provides many android apps for their customers in many categories. To watch live streaming of channels JioTv app, JioChat for text chat, JioMusic for Online music streaming, JioCinema for watching movie, Jio4GVoice for HD video calling etc.

JIo4gvoice is the android and iOS app by Reliance Jio for HD video and voice calling. You can make HD Video call using Jio4GVoice and Jio4G network with VoLTE enabled smartphone. Jio4GVoice can be used as virtual device if you are using JIO SIM on JioFi wifi device. You can manage Jio SIM inserted on JioFi with the Jio4GVoice installed on your smartphone Via WiFi network. So that using this app and JioFi, you can make HD video call and voice call on your 3G smartphone that is Non-VoLTE. Using JioFi and Jio4GVoice, the 2G 3G smartphone users can enjoy HD video call.

How To Configure Jio4GVoice with JioFi?

We are often configure Jio4GVoice with JioFi (Jio SIM Inserted) to manage the JioSIM. One of the best feature of Jio4GVoice is to make HD video and voice call in 2G or 3G smartphone with the help of JioFi, where you cannot make HD video and voice call in your Non-VoLTE enabled smartphone. Here with Jio4GVoice, you will have complete control on Jio SIM inserted on JioFi Modem like making voice call, sending messages, using Jio apps, making HD video calls etc in connection with WiFi signal by JioFi.

To configure JioFi with Jio4GVoice on smartphone. First you need to download and install Jio4GVoice app latest version on your smartphone. And you have JioFi device where Jio SIM card inserted. First you need to search and identify the Jio wifi network and come in contact with your smartphone. When smartphone detecting the Jio wifi signals, you need to enter the SSID in the box in order to connect to WiFi. You will get SSID on the back side of the JioFi device. Just remove the battery, from there copy SSID.

Now Turn on JioFi and smartphone. Search for wifi network using smartphone. And when the smartphone detects WiFi, connect to JioFi by entering the early copied SSID. Now you have connected with JioFi.

Now open Jio4GVoice app installed on your smartphone. Now in configure enter the alternate mobile number, you need to enter the OTP that you are received on your alternate mobile number. Next, you need to allow all the permissions where the app asks you. Allow them all.

And now you can make all the services like sending messages, Video calls, voice calls, unlimited speed data, Jio apps etc with your 2G,3G and 4G mobile.

If you are not connected for making voice call, and the proof verification was not done, you need to make a tele verification process. For this , you need to make a call to 1977 with the Jio4GVoice dialpad. Now you can make tele verification with you JioSIM and enjoy the services.

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