Cyanogen Platform SDK to be Released Very Soon

CyanogenMod is best known for its best custom ROMs which unlike ROMs, runs on hundreds of Android phone and tablets ranging from Samsung Galaxy S6 to HTD Desire HD. For CM lover, there’s a good news! The team behind this famous CyanogenMod will release the Cyanogen Platform SDK very soon which will allow Android App developers to integrate their apps by using CM features.

Cyanogen Platform SDK

That news came right after Cyanogen’s CEO Kirt McMaster said in an interview that he wants to create a Google-less Android. He further went to extent that he said “We’re putting a bullet through Google’s head”. Well, if this news is taken in today prospective, then we can surely get to result that releasing the SDK might be their first step. But let me assure Cyanogen’s CEO that Google isn’t going to take this matter lightly. Remember Asus which went on releasing A800 mobile with Android-based Aliyun OS which was actually forked version of Android with Google services. So what Google did to that? Was that released?

With that said, whatever is playing inside Kirt mind, what I see is that he is actually putting bullet to his own head. What are your opinions regarding this? Do share with us in comments.

Source: Android Authority

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