Developing 11k Mobile Display by Samsung

There is a lot of people that has not got their hands on 4k displays and Korean manufacturer now the Samsung company has started the developing 11k for the mobile devices this is right Samsung is started 11k displays for the mobiles now. This will produce a pixel density of 2250ppi. For this mind bowing work Samsung has partnered with Korean and 13 more companies. The Korean and ICT will invest the $26.5 million US dollar in this project it is said by this companies that it will be ready before Olympics 2018.

developing-an-11k-mobile-display-by-samsungThis 11k display will produce a 3D like the effects on the android smart phones without the glasses because in theory more numbers of pixels are combined in the one place the chance of producing an optical illusion of 3D that wearing any without glasses if the situation is right some displays with 500ppi also feel. So 11k displays actually produce on the mobile like a 3D effect. But we have one more question in our mind and the question is that as the Samsung company be able to produce a battery large enough to power that kind of device are not.