Download Kingdom Rush Origins for PC (Windows)

Are you fan of strategic games? Do you like defensive war games? If yes, then Kingdom Rush Origins is surely the game you need to keep yourself thrilled and entertained.

Kingdom Rush is basically an adventures strategic game in which player is assigned some area and he has to build towers to protect it from enemies which are mainly monsters. These monsters will attach in regular intervals to conquer your area and if you kill them before they reach your place, you will be awarded rewards in the form of coins, stars and upgrades. At start level, the game is pretty difficult to play as you will have only 4 towers to choose from but as you proceed in game, you will unlock many new features, modes and barracks that will make your defense more stronger against these monsters. But remember, the games becomes difficult as you advances to next levels.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins for PC

I recommend to play the Kingdom Rush Origins in campaign mode if you are playing it for the first time because it is bit easier as compared with heroic mode and once you are done with completing all levels in the campaign mode, you can play the game again in heroic mode to test your skills against more powerful monsters. Apart from great graphics, gameplay and characters, Kingdom Rush Origins comes with full voice acting and also includes a shop from where user can upgrade their inventory before new levels if they have enough money and stars.

Unfortunately the game is only available for iOS and Android devices but if these things have impressed you and you want to enjoy the same Kingdom Rush Origins game on your PC, then you will have to go through some procedures as it is not officially available for Windows yet.

How to Download Kingdom Rush for PC (Windows)

To achieve this, we will use an Android emulator software which is nothing but a small utility that brings Android to your Windows computer. There are many emulators but I recommend Bluestacks as it is free and fast. Download Bluestacks and install it on your Windows computer.

When you are done with installation, download the Kingdom Rush Origins .APK and place it on your computer. After that, using the Bluestacks Android emulator which you have downloaded earlier, install the Kingdom Rush Origins game from that .apk file.

Once installation is completed, you will be able to play Kingdom Rush Origins on your PC which is powered by Windows 7 or Windows 8 or even Windows 8.1. This is currently the only method to play Kingdom Rush Android game on your PC.