Download Phoenix Suit (all Versions)

Phoenix Suit is the most advanced and well liked easy application to flash the stock android firmware of the smart phones within few minutes. Here we share some of the features that made the Phoenix Suit well liked over the market of the android systems.

The Android smart phones became the most well liked and great in the world that provides the best work to the people of the world and the working condition of the android system are the best to use as well. There are thousands of the best applications that are launched by the developers of the android to help out the people and also they care the need of the users as well.

download phoenix suit all versions

Nowadays every single application is available that can be used in the life and most of the applications requires latest versions of the android to run the application. Sometimes the smart phones need to be flashed or rooted for the best working condition and same times it got hanged due to have some viruses in the device.

The android developers have created many of the applications and tools to help out the users and provide them chance to flash their smart phones easily. Recently the android developers have made Phoenix Suit to allow all of the users to flash their smart phones easily with the stock firmware using Allwinner chipset devices and the tablets as well.

Download V3.3.4Download V4.0.0

Features of the Phoenix Suit

  • Stock Firmware flashing: the latest Phoenix Suit allows the users to get their mobile device flashed within few minutes easily and it works on many of the Allwinner chipset devices. The users will have to open the firmware file and load it in the application to start the flashing of their smart phone. The users can also upgrade their android firmware through Phoenix Suit.
  • Recovery Image flashing: the latest Phoenix Suit is best for all that users that are interested to install a custom recovery on their Allwinner chipset mobile devices and the application will ask for the complete flashing of the firmware or simple recovery of the smart phone as well. The user will have to select the recovery and click on the upgrade button to start the process.
  • Boot Image flashing: Phoenix Suit is a simple tool made by android developers to flash any of the Allwinner chipset devices and it can help the users to flash boot image file of the device. When you open the application it will simply ask for the process you want to start so easily select the Boot image flashing and click on the upgrade button to start flashing of the boot image file in few minutes.
  • Restoring and Backup the Applications: the Phoenix Suit also used for the backup and restore of the application you already have on your smart phone and it is very easy to use on your device. Just easily connect your smart phone to the computer and click on the APK tab given in the menu of the application to start the backup or restore of your applications easily.

Important Note

  • First of all the users should study the guidelines of how to use Phoenix Suit before proceeding to any of the installation process in the application. The complete process is also available on the internet.
  • This application is only made for the Allwinner chipset devices and might not work properly on the other smart phones so don’t try this application on any other smart phone because it can break your smart phone.
  • The Phoenix Suit is developed by the Allwinner Technology for the Allwinner chipset devices and all the rights are reserved by the developers as well.
  • The Phoenix Suit is now available on the internet and the users can easily download the latest version of the Phoenix Suit easily using the internet and they can take benefits of the Phoenix Suit.