Download RDA IMEI Tool

Are you looking to Download RDA IMEI Tool for windows / Computer or laptop then you are at right place because here you can download this application free and all its versions old to latest, but we will suggest you to download latest version of this software. There are some RDA based chipsets inside some of the phones and tablets, when we want to flash the firmware on the RDA based chipsets then we would use this software. This is made for flashing the firmware’s on the RDA based chips. Here in this article we are going to discuss the feature of this flashing tool.

download rda imei tool

Some of the features are given below:

1: Write IMEI:

This software tool allows you to write imei on the RDA based device. It doesn’t matter on the other specs of the device, just the chipset matters and if the chipset is RDA then you can write the IMEI on it.

2: Write MBSN:

This feature of the RDA imei tool allows you to write MSN number on the device on any kind of the RDA chipset devices, you can type in the MBSN number yourself.

3: Write PSN number:

You can write the PSN number by this feature on the RDA based devices while flashing the RDA based IMEI number. This PSN number can be written by ant text file like if you want to send the number from a file not write it yourself you can do that too.

4:  Write LCD Name:

It also allows you to write the new LCD name which you prefer or if you want you can enter it from any text file you have, but this also be done only on RDA chipset based devices.

5: Write MAC address:

This feature of the RDA flashing tool is very useful as it allows us to write the MAC address ourselves or if we want some MAC address from other files we can change that too to the one we want, Only on RDA based chipsets.


This software/flashing imei tool is compatible with many of the latest versions of windows like windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows vista, and windows 10.

Warning/Caution:  Flashing of imei to a fake one which is not original is illegal so be careful while doing that, Try to use an IMEI which is original so you won’t be in any kind of trouble after doing so.

If you want to change your smartphone’s IMEI then visit > Change IMEI on Android

How to Check IMEI Number

You can check the imei number by dialing *#06# and you will get the IMEI number in the notification which will pop up.


Credit goes to the RDA microelectronics which made software with which we can flash the IMEI of a RDA based device.

Download RDA IMEI Tool Free All Versions

You can download the previous and latest version by following the links below:

V1. (Old)


V1. (Latest)

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