Drop Box Android App Redesigns

I this month drop box is release a redesign for android app designed to streamline with the help of this app we can share and upload the files. This is the new android app which will roll in the new couple of days; it is redesign for the user’s interface that’s more seamless which compare to its old version is. This new application also includes a new search function for the company which is based in the top of the apps interference directly.

drop-box-android-app-redesignsThese types of features are important for power users that have to quickly through number large files. When drop box is still trying to figure out exactly that what their mobile theme looks like after from its original model of sharing files from one device to another. Desktop devices is differs from user behavior generally so the user behavior to fit that kind of behavior.

It has a feature that to take picture and share the picture directly hence the changes to how drop box handles the photos in the new app user can take photo directly from the selected folder that you open it is also the feature of this new app that’s move sharing and controls and process like moving files and favor ting them to a single on the user interface. This application is faster and looks more in line with other new application that Google redesigned its latest update to its android operating system.

This new app is release for this new generation with the help of this app we can share upload files drop box mission to figure what next generation files share looks like in 2015.

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