Easily Install Xiaomi MI Phone Manager in English

Own Xiaomi MI Phone? If yes and you are not native Chinese, then there would be instances where you would need to use the Phone Manager program on your computer. The main problem is by default Xiaomi Phone Manager is in Chinese language rather than English so to install the later language, you need to do the task manually.

Xiaomi Phone Manager

Fortunately there is a simple solution to this problem which I will discuss with you now. Basically Xiaomi Phone Manager is Windows program that let you manage your Xiaomi device from your computer. You can transfer songs, contacts, messages, photos and video to or from your mobile to your computer. You can event do other tasks like backing your phone data, installing and uninstalling apps and sharing your mobile 3G internet with your PC. I won’t hesitate to call it iTunes for Xiaomi mobiles.

The program is perfect in all cases but the only problem it has is the language issue which all English speaking users are facing because not everyone understand Chinese language. I have spared my time today from my busy schedule to help all you guys so you should be thankful to me. Lets me guide you to install Xiaomi MI phone manager in English on your Windows computer.

Install Xiaomi Phone Manager in English

  1. First of all download Phone Manager and place that zip file on your desktop.
  2. Extract the folder on your desktop.
  3. Open the folder and there you will see two files. Click on “MiInstaller.exe” file.
  4. Now you will see a window which will be in Chinese. Click on the only button at the bottom center of that window.
  5. This will start the installation of Phone Manager which will take few minutes.
  6. Once it is installed, you will notice that it is still in Chinese. Don’t worry, the game has just begun now.
  7. Close the Phone Manager and go to “C:\Users\[Usernamame]\Local\MiPhoneManager\main”. You must be aware of the fact that AppData folder is hidden by default and before this 7th step, you should unhide that.
  8. Now copy all the files from English Patch folder you download in step 3 and paste all these files in main folder [Step 7 one folder].
  9. Open the Xiaomi Phone Manager again. You will be surprised to see that the phone manager is now in English language.

Please remember that you must not update that Phone Manager once it is converted to English language because updating that will again transform it to Chinese language.