Enable and Block Silence Mode in Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy mobiles are one of the best mobile manufacturing Company in the world and the people all over the world love using the device and the device is having all the latest features that people like to use in the phone. The Samsung Galaxy launches many of the super fast speed and great smart phones where many of the latest applications and games work with super speed and the Android versions of the smart phone brings many of the features to your mobile phone as well.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest brand of the Samsung smart phones that has many of the great working features and latest Android version of Lollipop 5.1.1 installed in the phone. With the latest update of the version to Lollipop in Samsung Galaxy S5 it removes the sounds icon from the notification bar. In the Android smart phones there are three modes of the Sound that is located in the notification bar such as Sounds, vibrate and silence mode but after updating the version to Lollipop there will be just vibrate mode seen on the notification bar. So here is the complete tutorial about enabling and blocking silence mode in your Samsung Galaxy S5.

enable-and-block-silence-mode-in-samsung-galaxy-s5Step by Step Tutorial:

Step1: Open the notification bar and select all the switches by swiping it down by using two figures.

Step2: Select the icon all in the menu and this will enable the Priority interruption mode that will work as silent mode in your Samsung Galaxy S5 and you can also select this by settings > Sounds and Notifications > Interruptions.

Step3: if you want to enable blocking mode in the Samsung Galaxy S5 just select the notification center and then tap on the all icon shown in the menu. The all icon will switch to interruption mode and tap it again so this will change to None that means your Samsung Galaxy S5 has enabled the blocking mode as well.

So this is the complete tutorial about the enabling and blocking the silence mode in the Samsung Galaxy S5 that is updated with the latest Android version of Lollipop 5.1.1. We hope all of the users will find this tutorial an easy way to use the features as well as leave your comments and suggestions below for further information about Samsung Galaxy S5.

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