Galaxy S7 Release Date

There had been a lot of smart phones are released by the Samsung company the company release the galaxy note 5 and the Galaxy S7 to counter the advance of Apple and its iPhone 6s and then finally the company comes forward and makes the statement about it.

Galaxy S7 will release by Samsung at the end of 2015

galaxy-s7-release-dateThe news of this early release of the galaxy S7 by emerged in past few hours at the end of this year. It appeared from the beginning also far fetched inside the Korean a source giant wanted to put an end to these rumors. The release of these stating a new flagship the mobile always coincide the galaxy s series world congress to be held in the spring. Samsung Company has to do with it next devices it is unclear, but how many units iPhone 6 and Apple plus 6 have managed to sell since its launch in last year the Cupertino threat is more then this positive reviews from all globe received by the S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 the market sales so far proceeding slowly than hoped.

The top of the rang every year opposing dates iPhone in the autumn and Galaxy S in spring it is up that the dirty work is don by Galaxy Note 5 it is up. The Galaxy Note 5 is a device from all over with hardware of the last generation a 4k or 2k displays type C USB connector and a design similar to the Galaxy S6 in the choice materials Galaxy S7 as regards it is early to make any speculation in this regard. The company launches true remains windows that follow every year as stated by a member of the marketing team of Samsung.