Google Launches Latest Android Bug Bounty Program

The Google is one of the leading Product making company of the world and they are working all the best for the public users and they listed the complains of the users and try to fix all of them within some time and provide best features to the users that can provide fun to them by using all the latest features of the

google-launches-latest-android-bug-bounty-programGoogle services. The Google Security system is enhancing their products and tries to serve with best working system of the Google. The Google System gives million of the dollars to the technicians and researchers to find bug and issues in the Google services and Google Chrome from last few years and made the system the best ever in the world and bets Android System as well. In the latest news from the Androids security engineer Jon Larimer said in his interview that nowadays we are enlarging our system and hiring more researcher to our company that will look for the bugs and fix that problems and prevent the Android system from the vulnerabilities specially to provide the best Android working apps and features to the users.

The Latest Android Security Rewards Program will cover the unwanted and vulnerabilities that affect the latest androids software on the Google Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 as well and soon will launch for more Android users as well. Due to this latest Google Security program the researchers will find the bugs that disturb the users working and also affect the androids updates and will fix all of these bugs directly to provide best services to the users. The Security Engineer of the Android System said that we allow the researchers to find and fix the bug in AOSP code and OEM code as well as solve TrustZone and OS module of the Androids versions.

The best reward will go to the researchers of that knew to work with Android platform security features and can work with ASLR and Sandbox that is specially made for preventing disturbance and exploitation and allow the security to the users as well. The Researchers of bugs finding can get about $2000 and the researchers with AOSP patches can earn about $8000. The Google Team has launched 90 days testing program for the researchers to find their bugs and cases and get the reward from the Google Security program on the other side the researchers that found bugs in Chrome will also be rewarded.