Google Releases Project Fi App in Play Store

We all know that Google had been working on some secret wireless service project for over the year which they announced recently as “Project Fi” that aims to help users get quality internet connection very easily.

Project Fi App in Play Store

The big news is that Google has just released the Project Fi Android App in Play Store. The app, currently supporting only Nexus 6, will allow users to user to have easy communication across network and devices and make the service experience very simple. We hope that Google will soon add other Nexus devices to list of supported devices along with non-nexus devices too.

Currently Google Fi is invite only service and if you are interested in that service and also own Google Nexus 6, then head over to and request the invitation to test out this revolutionary app. According to Tech experts, Google Project Fi will be serious killer to other carriers as they tend to keep the pricing very minimal. Till now we can only wait for our invitee!

Source: Geeky Gadgets

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