How to Change Fonts in Android Device


In this post we will completely guide you that how you can change fonts in your android mobile phone or tablet. In Samsung phones you can change the fonts without any trick because Samsung mobile phones have built-in font changer, but in some mobile phones this feature is not available so we will tell you the method to change the fonts in all android devices.

Change Font Style in Android Mobile Phones

I like Times New Roman fonts for my computer and mobile phone also, but in my phone this feature is not available so I have also followed these steps and enable the font changer application and features.

To do this feature enable in your device you have need to install an application, I am introducing here 2 best and top rates apps to enable this feature in your phone, both apps has different options and features and also these have different fonts and styles for your android system, by the help of these applications you can also the change the styles and size of fonts, but there is just a bad thing about these apps that both apps requires root permission to work properly, So if your device is rooted then follow the instructions below! If your device has not rooted then just visit this link to root your android device. Root Your Device

Font Changer Apps for Android Devices

Font Installer: this is a much famous and top rates app to change your fonts and styles and it has handwriting features also, you can easily find and download this application free from Google play store.

HiFont: this is another one popular app that can change your device’s font and it has also handwriting features, so you can write also by the handwriting mode, when you will install it, this will ask for root permission so root access is must for the both applications. This app is also available on the Google play store and you can download it free of cost.


How to use Android Font Changer Apps

  • Just install the app
  • Grant the root access or permission to the application
  • Scroll and select the best font that you want to install in your phone
  • Download and install the selected font in your device
  • Restart your mobile / tablet
  • And you have done it 🙂

If you are getting problems to installing fonts in your android mobile phone / tablet or any other device please leave your issue below in comments box below and we will answer as soon as we can.