How to Fix Battery of HTC M8, & M7

M8 & M7 are both is a new and good devices both have a good battery life and do you want to improve your battery life and you don’t know that how it can be don then don’t worry here I given the method here I give some tricks and tips that help you to increase your battery life with the help of this tricks you can improve your battery life here I talking about the method to improve the battery life of M8 & M7 the M7 is two years old and M8 is one year old battery life is going to a bigger issue on M7 and M8 now that they are old. Charging the phones is a good idea only one way to solve it here I given the tips with the help of these tips you can improve your battery life and you can enjoy it more.

How to Fix the Battery Issue of M8, & M7

how-to-fix-battery-of-m8-m7Bluetooth off when not in Use:

It is one of the problems of the battery life when Bluetooth is not in use and Bluetooth is on so the Bluetooth consume the charge so during do not use in Bluetooth turned it off.

Turned off Vibrate on Touch:

It is one of the biggest problems Vibrate on touch when every time you tape on touch it consumes a lot of power to start the vibration motor so turned off it and save your power.

Disable Wi-Fi:

When ever when WiFi is not in use and WiFi is on so WiFi consumes the power so during do not using of WiFi turned off your WiFi and save the power.

Location Services:

It is one of the biggest problem service location consumes the power when you are not using any app on GPS it the causes a lot of battery drain while it helps to improve your battery life turned on it means turned on the GPS all the time. Turned on the saving mode if you still use the apps depends on location it collects location from the mobile tower.

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