How to Fix Force Close Android Apps Error

Many users of android phones and tablets get some bugs and errors related to apps and games in their android devices. I also use the android phone and many times I face force closing of android apps error in my phone also in tablet, mostly it happens to me when I use stock apps, like sometimes I try to open my opera or google chrome browser, I get this problem of force close apps error.

Force Close Android Apps ErrorAt this time it is a very frequent error for users, but it is not a big problem, its solution is very simple, you can get rid from this force closing apps error easily. The easiest solution for the people is reset their device, but here we will not talk about the reset rather we will tell you easy solutions for this common force close android apps error.

First of all I will tell you that if you getting this error in third party apps then you can solve this problem by this method, Go to setting > Apps > App Name > and just tap the Clear Data.

If you are getting this force close error on stock apps like browser etc then read my 2 best solutions below for fix this problem, so now go let’s read the easy solutions below.

Fix Force Close Android Apps Error (Method #1)

If you are using external SD / memory card please remove it from your phone / tablet or any device that you using. (If not then ignore this line)

Now go to your device setting and then go to backup and reset option. Now click on factory reset data and confirm it. By this method all the android apps data and caches and cookies of apps and browsers will be removed from you tablet / phone or any device. By this the error not come but if you get that errors again then just follow my step no#2 below, it is the best way to remove force close apps error from your device.

Get Rid from Force Close Android Apps Error (Method #2)

To follow this method first you should install any custom recovery like TWRP or CEM etc, after the flash go to recovery mode option of your device, and clear your cache to remove all the cache files, and then reset your phone, after the completion of this step your firmware will be refresh, and your phone’s cache and unused files will be deleted.

This method will fix the error of force close android apps and you will not get the error again, but if you are facing this problem again and not solving by these methods then you should stock.

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