How to install Custom Recovery on Acer beTouch E140

Acer Mobiles are the loveliest Android smart phones that are highly liked by the people of the world and they love all of the features available in the mobile for the users. The users of the Acer smart phones will have many of the working functions in their smart phone but first they will have to root their smart phone with one of the custom recovery files.

There are few main things in the market that are used a lot for the mobiles recovery like cache partition, wipe data and factory reset from ADB tool. This kind of application is not working if you want to install a custom ROM for your smart phone and this is why the custom application is launched to fulfill the need of the users and to provide the best working application to them.

This custom recovery software allows the users to install zip files from the SD card of the mobile and it is very easy to use as well just download the custom file and store it in the SD card of the device and run it from the software easily. Nowadays there are three types of the recoveries available that can help the users a lot and it helps you to install a custom ROM as well. The latest one is Philz touch recovery and the others are CWM and TWRP.

How to install Custom Recovery on Acer beTouch E140

Basic Requirements

  • First of all download the file from the internet.
  • Your Acer beTouch device must be rooted if you want to install this.
  • This step by step tutorial only works in the Windows PC and it can’t work on tablets and other smart phones as well.

How to Install a custom Recovery on the Acer beTouch E140

  1. First of all download any of the recovery file from the link to the windows PC > Download
  2. Save the downloaded files on the desktop of your computer
  3. Extract the downloaded file from zip and save it into a folder in the computer on desktop.
  4. Check the file name amx-recovery-install.cmd in the extracted folder.
  5. Reboot your smart phone and start it into the recovery mode
  6. For this mode press and hold the Volume Down key+ Home Key+ Power ON for a while and then select recover mode.
  7. The fast boot menu will appear on your Acer device and then it is easy to install a recovery on your smart phone.
  8. Now connect your Acer beTouch smart phone to the computer with the help of the USB cable.
  9. When your Acer beTouch device is properly connected to the computer then click on the file named amx-recovery-install.cmd and run the tool that is available to install a custom recovery on the Acer beTouch smart phone.
  10. Follow up the instructions given by the software and allow it to install this in your device and your recovery will be done in short time.

This is the complete step by step tutorial of the installation of the custom recovery on Acer beTouch smart phone and after installation removes your handset from the computer and you can easily boot your smart phone into normal mode and it has done on the Acer beTouch smart phone.

The users also must have the knowledge of how to boot their device into the recovery mode and install the zip files from the SD card to install a custom into any of the device. We hope that you will find this tutorial helpful and easy to install a custom recovery for Acer beTouch smart phones. Enjoy and keep in touch for more information about the android system and other helpful tutorials as well.