How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy Nexus

The TWRP recovery stand for the Team Win Recovery Projects that is a third party developers of the android system and they produces the files as like CWM recovery but with some of the latest features and working mode as well.

This TWRP is touch based app mode in which the users will have to tap on the screen to select any of the option easily just like mobile functions. On the other side the other recovery modes will use the power keys and volume keys to select any of the menu file. The people of the world find it very easy and simple to use and to take the advantages of the TWRP easily now. Nowadays there are many of the custom ROM’s developed by many of the android developers with enhanced features and working ability to install zip from the SD card.

how to install twrp recovery on galaxy nexus verizon

This custom Rom is developed by NANDroid backup to install a custom ROM. Here we provide the complete tutorial of the installation of the TWRP on Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) and we hope you will like it a lot.

Basic Requirements

  • First of all download the TWRP recovery file from this link > Download.
  • Now Download Fast boot tool from this link > Download.
  • This tutorial needs to have a PC to follow up the guide and the procedure as well.
  • The users will also need to have boot loader
  • Keep in mind that this tutorial only works in some of the Galaxy Nexus of the Verizon variant and don’t apply this procedure on any other smart phone.
  • The recoveries of the smart phone will void the warranty of the smart phone as well. So be aware of this before proceeding to the installation.

Step by Step Guide of installation TWRP recovery on Galaxy Nexus (Verizon)

  1. First of all the users need to install TWRP and Fast boot into the computer from any of the website using internet.
  2. The files will automatically save into the Downloads folder of the computer.
  3. When the download finishes move the files to a folder on the desktop.
  4. Now extract the downloaded files on the desktop folder and save it.
  5. After extracting the files on the desktop search the file name openrecovery-twrp-2.2.0-toro.img
  6. Now Turn OFF your Galaxy Nexus smart phone by holding the power ON key for a while.
  7. Now reboot your smart phone into the Bootloader mode by holding the volume down key+ Power ON key + Home Key at the same time for short time.
  8. Now easily connect your device to the computer via USB cable and make it confirm that your smart phone is properly connected.
  9. Now Open Fast boot folder and hold shift key and have a right click on the empty space in the folder.
  10. Choose the command from the menu that is “Open new Command windows here”.
  11. In the new command windows write the following command as “fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-2.2.0-toro.img”
  12. When finish writing the command easily press enter to confirm the command
  13. When completed type fastboot reboot
  14. After this press Enter and the device will reboot automatically.
  15. And when finished you have done with the installation of the TWRP recovery on the galaxy nexus (Verizon).

This is the full step by step tutorial of the installation of the TWRP update of the recovery in the Galaxy Nexus and we hope that this will be very helpful for all the Galaxy Nexus users to update their smart phone with the latest TWRP and can enjoy using the best features of the smart phone. So keep in touch for more enjoyment and the best tutorials about the device you are using.