How to Root OnePlus One Safely

Today in this tutorial post we will teach you that how you can root your OnePlus One android mobile device easily and safely, so carefully read this post and we also attached a youtube video tutorial to make it more easy also watch it in the end of post content.

Let’s Start

First of all data of OnePlus One device and keep it in your computer also to make sure that our data will not be lost if any problem happens. After the backup quickly go to setting from menu and now tap the about phone. Now find the build number from the options of about phone menu, tap on build menu 5 or 7 times, you will get the privilege of developer, it will say you are developer.

how-to-root-oneplus-one-safelyNow go back to settings menu of your Oneplus One to root it and here you will find the developer options, go to the developer options and scroll down to find USB debugging option and enable the USB debugging in your OnePlus One to root your phone. Now scroll up and uncheck the Data recovery or CM Data recovery.

No jump to your computer / laptop and download these tools to your pc. ADB USB Drivers, Android SDK Slim, Open Recovery TWRP and Super SU, All tools are given below to download.

Downloads Root Files

Install ADB USB Drivers

Android SDK Slim


Super SU

Installation of Root Files

Now Install the ADB USB drivers to your computer and download all other 3 files in a folder, Now right click on Android SDK Slim zipped file and extract it here, now mover other to downloads in Android SDK > Platform Tools. Now Shift + right click on the background space in platform tools folder and click on open command window here, and the command window will be open, now attach your OnePlus One phone to your Pc by USB cable.

After attaching the OnePlus One with you PC write this command in CMD> ADB devices, now go to your phone and check always allow from this computer and click OK. Now the CMD will confirm you that device is attached.

Now write in CMD, ADB reboot boot loader and press Enter, and your OnPlus One will go in fast boot mode, now go to the PC again and write in CMD, Fast Boot Devices. Now write Fastboot one unlock, once this command will be executed your phone will be wiped with OnPlus One boot backup, and now wait for a few minutes…

Alright now setup your android device write the name of device select your language, country and time zone etc, and again quickly go in to settings, and now tap on about phone, and tap the build number 5 to 7 times to get developer mode on, and go back in developer options again and one more time uncheck the CM Data Recovery option, and check the android debugging, and also check the USB debugging and tap on always allow from this computer, and now again jump to your computer / laptop and get back to command prompt, and write here ADB reboot boot loader, See your OnePlus one is again in fast boot mode, now type in CMD fast boot flash recovery op and hit the tab title will be filled up automatically and now hit the enter button. Now one again type fastboot reboot, and phone will go in again fast boot mode and when you mobile will one just copy the super SU zipped file and paste it to internal storage of OnePlus One, Now jump back to your phone and power off it.

Now Unplug the USB cable and disconnect the phone from your computer, and press the volume down button and power button same time and hold it till you see the oneplus one logo. Now tap on install and navigate the super SU zipped file and select it, now swipe to right confirm flash. When it’s installed then press the reboot system. Now in your OnePlus One Mobile menu you will find the super SU icon, tap on it and check it.

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Your OnePlus One has Root Access Now!

Now go to the Google play store and install an app root checker, and verify the root through this app and you will get this message that “Congratulations! This device has root access” and you have done it.

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How to Root OnePlus One & Unlock Boot Loader