How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the best and newly released handset for all lovers of smart phones especially those young generation who want to have the latest and stylish handset in which all the functions and features are available. This Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is best by the stylish design and smart features but beside all the good and very attractive functions some of the people and users are afraid of problems.

Sometime users have problem with rooting their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but unfortunately they don’t know how to root their Samsung Galaxy Note 5. That’s why we and our team decided to make a platform where we can share all the methods and structure of rooting Galaxy handsets. Here we are talking about How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Requirements to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • Rooting Mobile is not a data rub out but for safety you have to backup all your important data such as SD Card data of Mobile Phone Data also those applications that you have already installed it in your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Make sure that you have backup all the imperative data first.
  • Mobile Battery is very essential for rooting device that’s why you have to charge your latest smart phone Up to 60 to 70 Percent to start rooting note 5.
  • Connecting Your Samsung Device with Computer is also very important in the process of Rooting your handset; that’s why you have to download and install the USB Driver of your phone.

how to root samsung galaxy note 5


  • We are going to share a complete method of Rooting Galaxy Note 5 for all those people and users who don’t know how to root their devices but we are not responsible of any damage, Data Loss, problem and bricked device; that’s why if you want to follow the steps we have given below then you will be responsible for anything happens during this process.

Step by Step Method of Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  1. At the beginning you have to go to device setting; After that About Device option in which you will find Build number just press hit button on it and it will give you an option of Enabled Developer Option. Here is the structure (Setting:)About device:)­ Hit Build number)
  2. Now again click back button and you will enter to a new menu by the name of Developer option just click on it.
  3. You have to make sure that “OEM Unlock” is enable; But some of handsets have this option already unlocked so make it sure first.
  4. Now Shutdown your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and after that press your device volume down button, Home and Power button at the same time and you will see a new Screen with having warning. Now Connect your USB Cable of smart phone device to your PC.
  5. Before going more just Download ODIN, which is an auto-root for all Samsung Mobiles as well as Samsung USB Drivers from the below Links
    Download ODINDownload Auto Root Kernel
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 USB Driver Download –
  1. Now unzip your Downloaded ODIN file and then go to the file your you just unzip it and click on the file with EXE to run this program
  2. Now you will see a Box on the top where you will Find “AP” Just select it and go to the folder where you have downloaded Auto-root kernel file; select it and click on it to start rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  3. Keep in mind if you don’t find the box on the top then you should reconnect your Device USB cable because when there was an error with USB Cable to box will not appear
  4. This Rooting of device will take some time when it complete you should restart your android smart phone. After that install SuperSU from Play store or other Software. Now you can check your Rooting device throughout SuperSU.
  5. That’s it and Now Enjoy Your Samsung Galaxy Note 5..

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