How to Root ZTE V831W Smart Phone

ZTE is the most advanced and great telecom company that has launched many of the super featured and advanced smart phones to the users. The latest smart phones have all the advanced system and features that supports any of the type of the application that is the need of the people all around the world nowadays. Sometimes the ZTE smart phones need to have rooted the device to get the advanced application running capacity.

There are many of the rooting application nowadays in the market that are working so best for the smart phones all across the market but the KingRoot application is the most advanced and one click application to root the ZTE v831W.


The KingRoot application allow many of the devices to rooting and to get the best features on the android smart phones. Here in this page we share the complete guide of how to root the ZTE V831W and hope all of the users can enjoy it a lot.

Basic Requirements

  • Download the One click Rooting tool from the internet named Universal one click application.
  • Keep in mind that rooting access will void the warranty of the smart phone and all of the users can get the warranty back by unrooting their smart phone.
  • Enable install from unknown sources in the smart phone to allow the installation out of the Google Play Store.

Step by Step Tutorial of How to Root ZTE V831W

  1. First of all download the KingRoot Universal root application from the internet and save it to the computer on the desktop.
  2. Before going to the instillation enable unknown source in the device by going to Menu> Settings> security> unknown sources.
  3. Now connect your smart phone to the computer via proper USB cable and USB drivers of the smart phones.
  4. Copy the KingRoot application from the computer to the internal storage of the SD card and keep it in the main folder in the memory card. Don’t try to hide the application in sub folders that can be hard to find in the installation.
  5. When the copying finished unplug your smart phone from the computer to start the installation process.
  6. The user will have the command of the installation of the APK files in the device and it can be checked on the internet as well.
  7. Now install the KingRoot application on the smart phone easily.
  8. When the application is successfully installed in the device tap on the icon of the KingRoot to start the application.
  9. The application will start in few seconds and will ask for the rooting files that are moved from the computer to the SD card.
  10. The KingRoot application will load the file and then easily click on the Root button on the screen to start the root process of the device.
  11. The application will start the process and will show in the progress bar until it completes to 100%.
  12. When the installation complete reboot your smart phone normally and after that you can enjoy the root of the smart phone.
  13. All of the users can check the root by installing the root Checker app that is available in the Google Play Store and easily check whether the rooting is successful or not on the device.

This is done with the installation of how to Root ZTE V831W and all of the users can enjoy the best features and the system of the android versions on the device. Now the users can install all of the apps running on the ZTE V831W and can enjoy the best performance as well. We hope all of the users will enjoy this guide and will keep in touch for more updates about Android software.

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