How to Switch from iPhone to Android

Apple does not makes it easy to move your data form iOS to android it is very interested to move your data in the other directions. You can be up and running on android without missing a beat.

Complete Method to Switch from iPhone to Android


If you have an iPhone and you want to log your contacts in iOS devices so that’s easy here I given the method.

  • iPhone-to-AndroidEnsure that you got your contacts in iCloud to begin with and then go to the main setting and open the ICloud menu.
  • After this go to the iCloud website and open the contact manager then click the settings ‘gear’ icon and select your contacts and then chose the Export vCard.
  • Next go to the Google contacts website and log in with your account if you have no account so make for it. And then chose the import it now you select the vCard file due to this process your contacts is saved in Google Cloud.
  • If you have already Gmail as you main email you might have entries for many contacts’ without phone numbers.

Photos and Videos:

A new photo and video manager app is launched by Google now on both android and iOS this one is easy. All you want to do is grab the Google Photos app from the app store and log in your Google account.

First go to settings you will by find a settings for backup and then enable backup of your photos it’s free for videos up to 1080p and images 16MP Google calls you its high in quality so Google compress it if they are big. Google gives you 15 GB of free storage space.

Ensure that all the photos and videos on your phone are saved online that you are captured and easily accessible on android, if you deleted local copies on iCloud photo library and you want to get those files also make sure that you have sync your iCloud library to your computer then go to photos you can drop and drag all files that you want from your computer file explorer into the browser window to upload them.