How to Unlock Huawei Honor 7 BootLoader

In this tutorial post you can know that how to unlock Huawei Honor 7 BootLoader easily with these step by step instructions, usually the bootloader is locked in all android devices and if you want to flash custom roms or root your device then you need to unlock the boot loader of your device, and after unlocking you can easily upgrade or downgrade your device android version also. But keep in mind one thing that unlocking of the boot loader can remove your phone’s warranty.

Requirements to Unlock BootLoader of Huawei Honor 7

So if you want to do this process on your android smart phone, then please read all these requirements carefully, and your device’s warranty will be revoked.

A. First of all you need a windows computer and running internet connection on it.

B. You need your Huawei Honor 7 device’s serial number and you can find this serial number under the phone’s battery.

C. Product ID generator tool for windows computer, you can download this tool in the first step below.

Steps to Unlock BootLoader Huawei Honor 7

A. First of all in the first step we need to download the Huawei product ID generator tool.

B. Now launch this tool in your windows computer.

C. Now scroll the model number, find and select the Y300-0000.

D. Now also put your device’s IMEI code in the field of product IMEI / MEID. You can find your IMEI number easily just dial *#06# on your Honor 7 smart android phone.

E. After entering the IMEI in the field the product ID will be automatically generated, just copy this product ID.

F. Now just go this link, this is the official page to unlock device. LINK


G. Here on this link you will see unlocking agreement and terms and conditions, just accept the unlocking agreement and click on NEXT button.

H. Here on this page you need to login in this website, you can make an ID to login or you can also login through facebook connect. (I will suggest you to use facebook connect login because that will not take much time of you).

I. After login you will see a form page and you need to fill that all fields. I am giving the full instruction to fill the form.
Product Type: Smart Phone
Product Model: Huawei Y300-0000
Product Serial Number: find it under the battery, you can also find it on the box of your android smart phone.
Product IMEI: IMEI number of your device, you can find it by pressing *#06# on your Huawei Honor 7 smart phone.
Product ID: Paste your product ID here that you have generated in step E.

J. Now just click on the submit button at the end of this page.

K. After clicking on the submit button you will get an unlocking password in red colored fonts on the same page.

L. Now you have needed to download and install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools on your computer. You can download this tool from here > Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool, you can also read here that how to install and setup the application on your computer.

M. Now Launch the installed application on your windows computer, and you can able to see a command prompt window on your computer screen.

N. Connect your Huawei Honor 7 android smart mobile phone with USB cable, and if you have not installed the drivers of your device on your computer then you can download the USB drivers from here and install on your computer and then connect your android smart phone device with your computer.

O. Keep in mind that the USB debugging is enabled of your Huawei Honor 7 android mobile; you can enable it from settings of your device.

P. After connecting your device to your PC just give this command in the CMD, “adb reboot bootloader”

Q. After that give this command “fastboot devices” it will confirm the connection between your computer and Huawei Honor 7 mobile phone.

R. Now give this command in the command prompt window “fastboot oem unlock (16 digits code that you have got in step K)” and press the enter button.
Example: our code is 8778678567567596 then we will give this command in the CMD, watch below!
fastboot oem unlock 8778678567567596.

S. After entering this command in the command prompt window you will see a process on your android smart phone Huawei Honor 7, after a short time (3 to 8 minutes) your mobile phone will be restarted automatically.

After the restart the bootloader of your Huawei Honor 7 has been unlocked successfully, and you can root your device now or you can flash custom roms also on your device.

Thank you so much for unlocking the bootloader with us and please share with your social friends to spread this bootloader unlock information. If you need any help regarding this issue then please leave your comments below and we will reply as soon as we can, so feel free to post a comment below.