How to UnRoot any Android Device in One Click

Hello guys, today I will tell you the complete method that how to UnRoot any Android device (phone or tablet) easily with just 1 click, by this method you can fully unroot your android device easily and safely, so guys let’s start.

Steps to Unroot Your Android Device

First of all open the super user and go to settings tab and now scroll down to cleanup settings, in cleanup setting just click on full unroot, now you will see a pop up window, click on continue in this pop up window. (This is a very much simple method any basic user of android can do it in minutes).

how-to-unroot-any-android-device-in-one-clickAfter the completing of this process just reboot your phone, tablet or any other android device, now you will find your device completely unrooted, and the Super User will be removed automatically, if you see the Super SU or Super User app in your phone just uninstall it using google play store.

Check Root Status of Android Device

Now open the root check application (if it is not installed in your mobile then you can install it from google play store, Root Checker Download Link). You will find this message in the root check app, “Congratulations, you have successfully UnRoot your device”.

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