HTC Update One M9 Camera App with RAW Capture Support

When HTC released HTC One M9, their flagship for 2015, lot of people criticized it for its camera because its 20 MP camera produces hell big picture that takes too much of size on phone. The Taiwan company at that time promised that they will fix this issue soon and today they have fulfilled their promise by releasing RAW Capture support for One M9 20 MP Camera.

RAW Capture Support HTC One M9

Now with this new RAW Capture support, users will be able to produce Digital Negative files in addition to regular photos they take on their M9 phone which is particularly in JPEG format. The advantage of this new digital negative will allow users specially photographers to edit the photos on their desktop to make them best in term of details and quality.

One other feature of the new HTC One M9 camera app is that these negative digital files will not be visible on phone and they will be hidden on default which means that no one will be able to edit the images on phone rather users have to transfer them to the computer first and then edit them.

The updated camera app is available in Google Play Store.

Via Mobilesyrup