How to Manually Install Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA on AT&T LG G2 (D800)

The Android System of the mobile Phones are making changes to make their system most powerful and updated to latest versions and provide the best service to the users so recently AT&T launched their new version of android 5.0 that can be downloaded easily from Firmware and needs Wi-Fi to update the version D80020y to D80030f.

This update changes some of the settings of the devices and uninstall Browser Bar, Famigo and AT&T Code Scanner and also you have the choice to remove more of the applications as well. All of the users are able to check for the latest updates by selecting Settings and general and then select about Phone and Software Update and easily select update now.

Here we provide the best Step by Step way to update your version to official Lollipop 5.0 on LG G2 D800 Keep few things in mind that this method is only for the Original LG G2 D800 and must not be used for any other mobile because it can break your mobile. Keep your mobile fully charged and follow all the steps carefully and backup all of the data first than go for the update of the version.

  1. First of all make sure that your mobile device is rooted to D800 and Android version 4.4.2 (20y) if not first your device and download Stump Root v1.2.0 and install it after installing run it and tap on the Grind if this shows that device not supported than you have to select the bruteforce option and after few minutes the message will come on the screen saying please reboot to root so restart your mobile afterwards install SuperSU app from the Google Play and Update the Root and when completed reboot your mobile device. After completing root uninstall StumpRoot.
  2. Download the LG Mobile Drivers and Install it in the Computer.
  3. Download the Official LG Lollipop Update for D800 AT&T that is 695MB and extract the files into a folder in the computer and then check the file named dlpkgfile that is 726Mb in the extracted folder.
  4. Install the app named ES File Explorer in your mobile device and open it then select hamburger icon and go to Tools and make it enable Root Explorer. After giving permission to root go to the Local, Device/ Cache/ directory.
  • Copy the extracted file named dlpkgfile to mobile into the fota folder
  • Open the file named dlpkgfile and change the permissions of the file to 666 and the file will be deleted automatically after the update.
  • After that open the cache/recovery and select the changes in the file to 777
  1. Enable the USB Debugging from the developer options in the mobile and connect the mobile with the computer and select MTP mode and after connecting the device to computer you will see the USB Debugging message on your device as well.
  2. how-to-manually-install-android-5-0-lollipop-ota-on-att-lg-g2-d800Download the ADB Package and extract all of the files to “adb_ fastboot” folder on your computer and right click on the folder and open in command window here.
  • In the command window write adb devices and confirm that your device is properly connected over ADB and then type adb shell and press enter to continue.
  • Type the following command into the command prompt and it will ask for permission, so grant permissions as well.
  • echo “–update_package=/cache/fota/dlpkgfile” > /cache/recovery/command
  • After giving the command wait for a while that your device will automatically reboot and start updating.

While updating wait for a moment that the system is completely updated and optimize the application and then start using your new android version that is changed to Lollipop 5.0 also you can check it in the software version in the mobile.

This is the full step by step method to change your android version and we hope you will get it and we are waiting for your comments as well.