Latest Update of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S5 in Process

The World is so familiar to the Android devices and many of the companies are making many of the latest smart phones that people enjoy using the latest features and apps using the device. For running the latest and heavy apps and games all of the smart phone users should have the latest Android version installed on their phone that can enable them to feel the difference as well.

On Thursday the Samsung mobiles also declared that the latest Android Version will be launched within few weeks for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The company already started working to build the latest version of the Android system for the Samsung Galaxy S5 for all the Android operating smart phones to have fun with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop system. On the other side the rumors also said that the South Korean technology is bringing up with the latest Lollipop system for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge as well but this might be just rumor.

latest-update-of-android-5-1-1-lollipop-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-in-processThe only latest updates are about Samsung Company that started working on a new firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and this is Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and also they will test the latest updates on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 as well. The Company started working and they said that the update will be launched within few weeks for the public.

The technical officers of the Samsung Mobiles also informed that they will have a test on S5 and Note 4 but the time frame of the launching of the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is not mentioned exactly and they said it will soon be available in few weeks and soon the updates for the other mobiles like S6 and S6 edge will also be launched for the public use.

In the other report of the Samsung mobiles also said that the Company is testing the beta version of the Android for the Samsung mobiles and they are testing it on some of the smart phones as well. This update will be launched at the end of June and it will be working in Samsung Note 4.

On the other side the T- mobile and U.S carrier launched their Android lollipop version for the S6 and S6 edge with new features and controls that are modification in the camera exposure and new wallpaper parallax effect for the users to enjoy the simply best version on their smart phones. The Samsung is also planned to have the different changes in the version as well.