LG G Watch R having no Wi-Fi Support

LG is one of the most likable and the best company that is making the latest wears according to the need of the latest requirements and the functions of the LG are highly liked by the users of the accessories as well. Nowadays the Android devices are famous to have all the need of the users like Wi-Fi connectivity easily and the smart watches also launched with the same function by many of the companies that can connect directly with Wi-Fi and can give the access to the users to use and get fun of the best services provided by the smart watches manufacturers.

The Latest wear allows the users and it can sync with phone and allow active connection with the internet as well and it is easy to use. Recently LG launched their latest new LG G Watch R with Android 5.1 support in the market but the main problem is the smart watch doesn’t have the Wi-Fi availability and can’t connect with the Wi-Fi directly. The manufactures of the latest smart watch says that this feature will be available in the wear after sometimes and the users will now need a patch with the smart watch to use Wi-Fi on their wear.

The LG Company shows their report about the Latest LG G watch and they said that there are many of the changes that will be made in the wear because of the latest android system and it will take some time as well. They also clarify that the latest LG Watch doesn’t support the Wi-Fi directly and it is designed nicely and the users will have to activate the function of the Wi-Fi availability directly over the LG G Watch R and it is only available at the store where they are purchasing the smart watch.

LG-G-WatchThey also cleared that LG G watch is the latest and the unique watch having the latest android OS and Wi-Fi capability and the Wi-Fi can’t be working after the updating the android system as well. For all the users of the smart watch of the LG G Watch they require a patch to get started with the Wi-Fi and to get access to the internet connectivity as well.

The engineers of the LG G Watch R also said that Wi-Fi function will be soon available in the smart watch and we are confident to provide the best wear to the customers.