How to Make Your Android Phone a Power Bank

Nowadays the Android Devices are working more useful in the market and the people of the world are highly interested in the latest Android phones but hence there is a problem of charging in these android phones so it should be charged properly and it is very low in battery power storage.

So here is an interesting way of charging your Android phone in emergency and having no wall socket or a power bank that provides charging to your phone. This is a very easy trick and you can use it to charge your Android phone that has the USB OTG function in the phone.

This function makes your Android phone able to be a power bank for any other mobile phone and you can charge your mobile phone from any other Android Device as well.

Basic Requirements

  • for this trick you will need an Android have OTG function with full battery capacity
  • OTG cable
  • Micro USB cable

Tutorial of charging from Android Device

Step 1: first of all make it sure that your mobile phone has the OTG function and install OTG Troubleshooter app through which you can check the status of your OTG function in your mobile.

Step 2: Simply connect the OTG cable to the device charging port from which you want to charge other Android device.

Step 3: then use the Micro USB cable and connect the charging base to the device charging port and the other end to the OTG plug.

make-android-phone-power-bankAs connected the charging will be started automatically and the charging process will be very slow and it will take much time into charging your other device but it is better in emergency status. This is also not recommended to use every time because this can also affect your charging time and it is through USB cable so it cannot supply the same current as the wall socket and it also can’t charge your device completely but make it able to work in emergency situations.

This charging can be used for many of the Android supported devices, tablet etc. We hope you find this trick amazing and kindly leave your comments and suggestions below in the comments box.