Make Your Android Phone Fast

Hello guys, in this post today you will learn that how to make an android device fast, here are the many factors that reduce your smartphone speed so we will discuss all those issues here, now I am going to provide you the list that can improve your mobile phone speed and make it fast, it is not for just android devices this method will work on most devices and platforms, like IOS, Windows, blackberry etc.

Ways to make your Phone Fast

make-your-android-phone-fastAlways power off your phone properly

Your android or any other mobile phone is like a computer system, so you should always properly power off it and don’t pull the battery during the phone is on.

Don’t Use Live Wallpapers & Themes

Everyone is loves live wallpapers, they are really awesome and looks cool on your home screen but Live wallpapers or themes use the CPU more than a static wallpaper, so if you are running this kind of stuff on your smartphone then change it to with a static wallpaper, after applying it you will see a fast scrolling on home screen.

Close Running Android Apps

When you close the apps on your smart phone but sometimes the apps not closes properly and run in the background so open your apps manage and check all the running apps and close those apps that you are not using, it will clear your phone memory and speed, you will see a good result after this step.

Reduce Widgets and Applications

Many people put too many apps and widgets on their phone’s home screen and a lot of these are not necessary, and when you come back to your home screen device again draw applications shortcuts and status, so don’t use too many application on your home screen as well as widgets also, so go to app manager and uninstall the apps that you do not want run anymore, it will free up your phone space and you phone will run faster.

Application Updates

Go to your settings and disable application updates, people installs many applications and games in their devices and the app select automatic updates default, but in some app you never need to update them, so change the default setting of update, so go to setting and disable automatic updates.

Disable the Plugins in your Phone Browser

Just go to web android phone browser like, chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox, opera mini etc and go in to settings, then press advance settings and here you will find the option of enable plugins, go in it and select “on demand” option.

Disable Menu Animation

When you go to menu from your home screen it goes to menu with an animation like zoom in, zoom out, popup from bottom, left down corner etc and those animation effects look cool but you know it slowing down your android smart phone actually because they use the CPU and ram of your device, you can do your cell phone super fast by turning of these transition animation effects. In the settings you will see a section to turn off and turn on these transition animation effects

Use Cleaner App

You can find many phone cleaner apps in the play store, so download or buy any good phone cleaner application and install it in your phone always, because it close the background applications and also find that where your phone is consuming its memory and speed and ask you to close them.

From all these methods you can make fast to your android phone, IOS, Windows and blackberry also, so always try to follow my steps if you want to make your smartphone faster and like and share our website and keep visiting here.