Microsoft Office Launches for Android Phones

Microsoft launches office for android apps this year after the five weeks company rolled out the suit of apps as a preview. This released includes excel, word and power point for android phones experience which follows earlier efforts at bringing office to tablets and support for office on iOS devices, windows and OSX. With the help of office app we can edit and review the files. This app requires 1 GB of RAM and runs on android kitkat 4.4.

This app is free to use and it’s provided a free Microsoft account. This app will also be installed pre on devices from over 30 OEMs including Sony, LG, Samsung and others the company notes. The apps are now available in Google play to the public for download. Excel for android, word for android, power point for android are available now on Goggle play.

microsoft-office-launches-for-android-phonesThe world access to download also offers by Samsung galaxy store. According to Microsoft office for android phones apps on over 1900 phones models in 83 countries. Which the company incorporate their feedback into the versions. Feed back is not only helped the troubleshoot bugs, Company also made adjustment of interference and added features office for android apps now connect to the third party service which is include by Google drive and box, Microsoft make it easier to navigate commands within the apps.

Microsoft Office was once tied to windows PC but the company is now working to make sure that its flagship suit works anywhere its users is a lot office has a large of audience in this year the company said its downloads had topped 100 million.

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