MTK SP Multi Port Download Tool

Nowadays the mobile Phone Companies are getting very high marks and importance in the world and they are bringing many of the applications for the Android systems that people of the world love to use it a lot. On the other side sometimes the applications goes wrong and hence the Android system has already made many of the software that can be used to recover or root any of the smart phone in few seconds and provides the best working features to all of the users of the smart phones.

mtk-sp-multi-port-download-toolMTK SP Multi Port is a very impressive application that allows the users to flash any of the scatter based firmware easily for any of the android device. Here we show you some of the features and the latest version of the application as well and hope you will definitely enjoy MTK SP Multi Port Download Tool.

Features of the MTK SP Multi Port Download Tool

  1. The application provides an easy step to flash any of the android based devices by just opening the scatter file and load it to begin the flashing of the device in few seconds.
  2. Format Boot Loader: MTK SP tool has the ability to remove or delete the Bootloader from any of your android device but keep in mind that it may cause bootloop in your device so be careful while deleting or removing Bootloader form android device.
  3. Flash Speed Setting: the Software allows the users to set a flashing speed from the given two options of the High Speed and Full Speed Flashing. Remember that high speed is faster than full speed flash and this can do flashing faster than full speed.
  4. Detection of the Device: This feature of the application makes MTK a very powerful tool because this allows the users to detect the mobile phone with or without battery by just selecting Auto Detect mode in the software.
  5. Extra functions: The MTK Sp Multi Port Download Tool has the feature to remove the unwanted data like NYRAM backup data or OTP lock.

MTK SP Multi Port Download Tool is available in many of the versions depending on the features and the contents for the Android devices and the users can download it very easily as well.

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