Officially Battery Drain issues in the Latest Android Wear 5.1.1

Android systems became the most popular system in the world and the people of the world are using many of the latest launches of the Android systems as well as they really enjoy all of the features and the looks of the Android devices. The Android system started launching Android wear from last year and it goes so well in the market and the new features built in the Android wear attracts the people and they also like to use it as well.

The Android wear made many of the modifications in the wear to come with the best for the public use and this is the reason that people use it a lot. The Android wear recently launched the latest Android version named Android 5.1.1 Lollipop for the Android wear that is added with many of the latest features like Wi-Fi connectivity directly without any Bluetooth device interference and gesture controls and many more as well.

officially-battery-drain-issues-in-the-latest-android-wear-5-1-1Recently the Google launched a forum to know the problems and the things that the users of the Android wear feel a lot so many of the users complain about the battery life draining a lot. On this Issue the Android 5.1.1 update was launched to remove battery drain issues in the Sony Smart watch3 and many of the users also complain about the battery drain in the LG G watch and LG Watch Urbane as well by using bugs files coded that makes battery issues a lot. The Google Forum replied to all of the users and noted their complains as well and finally said that all of these complains will be solved soon to provide the best features and complain free wears as well.

At Last the Google System identify the problem and recommend a latest update for the Android wear that is bugs free and provide best battery life as well to the users and the updates are started working in some of the Android wear that provides best usage to the users as well. All of the users can check the Google product forum to see complains and the response of the Google Forum for further information about complains and usages of the Android wear as well. The Google Product Forum also said that all these complain will end with the time when the latest updates are launched from Android system.

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