One Click Root All LG Devices by Stump Root Tool

There are some famous tricks for the beginners such as Rooting any android device using flashing a recovery and installing ADB on your PC as well as unblocking bootloader. But besides these tricks we are mentioning some Rooting tools such as Towel Root, Stump Root, Framaroot, Root Me etc.

One-Click-Root-All-LG-Devices-by-Stump-Root-ToolSo these all rooting tools are very easy to use because these rooting tools are familiar in all over the world these days and the most interesting thing about it that these rooting tools support large number of Android devices that’s why you will not need PC for Rooting. Here we have a Rooting tool named Stump Root Tool that can easily root all LG devices very easily.

Here in this post you will read a step by step guide for the users of all LG devices by using Stump Tool. We personally thanks to makers of Stump Tool such as XDA developer Jcase who has lunched this APK since 2012 for all LG devices. This is a normal thing for all the users of android and other tablet and Smartphone’s who are installing rooting devices such as Custom Roms, Frameworks, Custom Mods, Kernels and some other rooting apps from third party.


Stump is a developed Rooting tool which works in all LG devices but before using this device and rooting tool, you have to backup your data especially in case for first time. It also happens that something goes wrong then your data will loss. So it’s very better to backup your data before using this Stamp Tool.

Stump Root APK Download

Download Stump Root v1.2.0

Step by Step instruction of Stump Root Tool

Instruction No 1: We have shared the download link above, Download it right through mobile or PC.

Instruction No 2: Now you have downloaded APK file so copy it to LG Device.

Instruction No 3: First of all go to Settings, then Security after that Allow Unknown Sources Option.

Instruction No 4: Open your APK file from SD card or Phone and install it.

Instruction No 5: When this device installs in your device, open Stump Root and click the Grind button. After that Stump Root will require no time to Root your device.

Instruction No 6: After that Reboot the Device

Instruction No 7: After the Reboot you have to install another app from Play Store name SuperSU in your device for managing other permissions.

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