One Click Root Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is most well made smart phone in the advanced system of the smart phones nowadays. Many of the people use Samsung galaxy s6 for its best performance and the quality of the android system that supports all of the apps you are using for your need.

Samsung Galaxy S6 came with the super extra speed and the performance of the smart phone is very good for the users as well. For all those users of the Samsung Galaxy S6 they first need to root their galaxy S6 and then they can enjoy all the latest applications and games over the phone easily without any ads or bugs.

one-click-root-samsung-galaxy-s6There are many of the ways to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 but recently new software is launched to root Samsung Galaxy s6 that is very easy and takes no time in updating your device as well. The software can work with many of the Samsung galaxy phones and also many other like AT&T and Verizon.

This Software is build according to the needs of the users and they can root their device without any interference with KNOX as well. The method of the rooting is very easy just give attention to the step to step tutorial and get the work done.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1: First of all download PingPong software and zip the files to a folder in the computer.

Step2: Then open the folder and copy the file named PingPongroot_beta2.apk to the device memory of the phone.

Step3: Now install the apk file in your mobile and open the app when done and select Get Root button.

Step4: By hitting the Get Root button a new window will be open and ask for permission so grant permission to start updating.

Step5: The installation will complete in few minutes and your device will be automatically rebooted. Then check your root process is completed or not using Kinguser once and allow all of the applications the permission if required.

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So this is the end of the rooting process of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and now you can enjoy all of the applications and games that required rooted devices and we hope you will find this useful so leave your suggestions and comments below in the box for any complains.