Private Chat adds by BlackBerry to BBM on iOS and Android

Now a day there is a lot of messaging alternatives available the Black Berry secure all these at BBM platform is not what it once was.

There are a lot of people that use the messaging there is update available for these people that makes your chat room secure and also the ability to hide your chats for a mall cost.

Once you enable this software the strips identifying information, like the sender’s name and picture the chats automatically close after a little time. Now your Chat is secure and your chat is hiding from other people.

private-chat-adds-by-black-berry-to-bbm-on-ios-and-androidThe private and control subscription that cost $0.99 per month. It has been offer by the Black Berry Timed and Retracted Control in addition of providing the time sending if messages options the plan also includes the another chat features and the private new features with the help of this subscription you will be to edit a sent message by retracting it. BBM for android is now established that a new way to organize stickers and a new quote message option allowing to reference chats easily.

With the help of this subscription you can change your text writing you can small it or long it with the help of this update.

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