Restore LG G3 to Stock Firmware (D855/F400/AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile/Canada)

Having a root access on your Android device is always good as it gives you freedom to install custom ROMS and mods on your phone or tablet. However bad things can also happen and if things get serious, you are left with no option but to unroot your device and restore it to stock firmware. So if you encountered any similar issues on your rooted LG G3 smartphone, no need to worry as today you will learn how to restore your phone using stock firmware.

Restore LG G3 to Stock Firmware

The process to unroot and restore LG G 3 to stock firmware isn’t as difficult as it might looks. Just relax and go through our step by step tutorial to achieve this safely.  LG G3 comes in different variants and each variant has its own stock firmware. So it is very important that you download the correct firmware for your G3. Below are the all variants of LG G3:

  • International LG G3 D855
  • AT&T LG G3 D850
  • Sprint LG G3 LS990
  • T-Mobile LG G3 D851
  • Verizon LG G3 VS985
  • Korean LG G3 F400K
  • Korean LG G3 F400S
  • Korean LG G3 F400L
  • European LG G3 D855
  • Canadian LG G3 (Videotron, Rogers, Bell)

Download LG G3 Stock Firmwares

Use the links below, download the appropriate firmware file for your LG G3 model:

Download Stock Firmware for AT&T D850 LG G3

Download Stock Firmware for Sprint LG G3 LS990

Download Stock Firmware for T-Mobile LG G3 D851

Download Stock Firmware for Verizon LG G3 VS985

Download Stock Firmware for Korean LG G3 F400K

Download Stock Firmware for Korean LG G3 F400S

Download Stock Firmware for Korean LG G3 F400L

Download Stock Firmware for European LG G3 D855 (16 GB)

Download Stock Firmware for European LG G3 D855 (32 GB)

Download Stock Firmware for Bell LG G3 D852 (Canada)

Download Stock Firmware for Rogers LG G3 D852 (Canada)

Download Stock Firmware for Videotron LG G3 D852G(Canada)

Once you have downloaded the stock firmware for your LG G3, you are ready to proceed to tutorial.

Please note that restoring your LG G3 to stock firmware, you will lose root and everything on your phone internal storage. So it is highly recommended to make a backup of everything before you proceed.

How to Restore LG G3 to Stock Firmware

Step 1: First of make sure you have latest LG USB drivers installed on your computer and your phone battery is minimum 80% charged. If so, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Turn off your phone. Now press and hold “Volume Up” button and plug in the USB cable from your computer to the phone to be in “Download Mode”.

Step 3: Now open “Device manager” on your computer and look for “Ports (COM & LPT)”. Click to expand it and you will see “LG Mobile USB Serial Port (COM)”.

Step 4: Double click on that “LG Mobile USB Serial Port (COM)” and go to Port Settings –> Advanced and choose “COM41” next to “COM Port Number:”.

Step 5: Click on “OK” twice.

Step 6: Now download LG Flash Tool from here and unzip/install it. At last step in installation, uncheck the option “Run LGFlashTool” and click on “Finish”.

Step 7: Go to “Setup_LGFlashTool” folder and copy file named Megalock.dll from there to C:\LG\LGFlashTool.

Step 8: Now its time to pull the firmware files (both .dll and .zip files) we have downloaded earlier. Unzip the .zip file and you will  get .TOT file.

Step 9: Now run LGFlashTool and click on Select Manual Mode option on top left of window.

Step 10: Choose “…” and select the .dll firmware file. Next click on “Add” button on top right of window and select the .TOT firmware file. Finally click on “OK” button.

Step 11: Now on top right, you will see an arrow in yellow color. Click on that button. After checking your files, you will get “Ready” message.

Step 12: At that time, unplug your LG G3 quickly and plug it again within moments. Now relax and grab your cup of coffee as after few minutes, the tool will start installation of stock firmware on your LG G3 which will take few minutes.

Well done, you have successfully restored your LG G3 to stock firmware. How did the process went for you? Do share your experience with us in comments section below.

Source: XDA