Samsung Galaxy On8 Rooting Method Step by Step

Samsung galaxy mobile phones are very popular in all over the world because they are reliable. Most of the people across the globe know very well that Samsung Galaxy smart phones are very good in all its functions and features. Here we have the latest smart phone of Samsung Galaxy.

This smart phone contains many best features and applications but beside these the good and attractive features grab the attention. It has Android V6.0.1 Operating system with 3 GB RAM and 1.6 GHz Octa-core processor. It has also the best Super AMOLED touch screen of 5.5 inches display. This is truly a desirable smart phone for all young generations in all over the world but those people who have already this Samsung Galaxy On8 must be lucky.

We have noticed that these days the users of Samsung Galaxy On8 require the method of rooting that’s why we are going to provide our best step by step method for Samsung Galaxy On8. Keep in mind that follow the step by step instructions and don’t worry if it takes some time. Now you have Samsung Galaxy On8 and going to start rooting process but first do some steps before that given below.


By this rooting your Samsung Galaxy On8 will null its warranty that’s why if you don’t want to null its warranty so don’t do this. Beside this if you want to root your device so follow the below instructions.

Basic Requirements:

  • This Rooting method is 100% safe and will not harm your phone data because we want to provide the best way to root. Beside this if you want to backup your important data so it will be useful.
  • Before starting the procedure you have to make sure that your sell phone is 100% charge or 60 to 70% otherwise this rooting process will not complete and might be interrupted during root process for low battery.

Step by Step Method to Root Samsung Galaxy On8

  • First of all you have to enable (Unknown Sources) in your device Samsung Galaxy On8. Here is the method how to enable unknown sources (Settings> Device Administration> Unknown Sources) Just click in the box in front of it to enable this option.

After this device you have to install (Kingroot) in your Samsung Galaxy On8. This app is very important because we will do root on this device. Here is the link where you can download Kingroot app.

Download Kingroot v5.0.0_2016_11_23

  • Download the above app and install it in your device; after that open it. When you open this app your screen will appear written (Root access is unavailable). You will see in the bottom written (Start Root) just tap on it.
  • After that you will see in the screen process of Rooting and counting will go to 100; but don’t worry because after that your device will reboot.

Your rooting process is done successfully; his was the rooting process of Samsung Galaxy On8 and we hope that it will be helpful for you. Now you can also check your device that is it rooted or not by installing Root checker from Google Play Store. We are going to share some more useful tips and methods of rooting android smart phones. We also provide comments box to our users and visitors; if you have any problem about your cell phone so you can share it in the comments box and we will try to give you the right solution. We hope that you will really like our way and methods in the coming instructions.