Security Warnings on Android Phones Reset Systems

The Latest Issue has recently risen over the Android Smart Phone factory reset systems that if you use factory reset option it still leaves many of the important files behind and can be used for the disturbing of the people and also the attackers and the jammers can used these information in wrong means as well.

The University of Cambridge Researcher used this issue and finds some of the used Android phone to search for the data remaining after reset option in the phone. Some of the researcher found that main data of the Gmail account remains on the phone after reset to factory settings and in case of selling the account might be hacked as well.

Security-Warnings-on-AndroidThe famous researchers of the Cambridge University Prof Ross Anderson and Laurent Simon checked about 21 Android phones of version 2.3 and 4.3 and they said that over 50 million android devices are at risk of data remaining after factory restore setting and they also warn the mobile phone users not to sell the phone although you reset it to factory setting but still main of the data are still stored in the phone and can be used as well by any of the computer professional any time.

Multiple failing in the Android Devices:

  • All of the Android devices left many of the personal data after being reset to factory settings
  • Most of the Android Devices left the WhatsApp and Face book conversations
  • The data like videos, images and music can also be easily recovered by data recovery software
  • Many of the phones left the main file to get access to the Gmail account after restore factory settings.

Latest Reset Function:

In the Past Google left it unanswered that the data is left in the phone but the search has cleared this and said that many of the personal data is still present in the phone after reset option and now the mobile phone companies are working hard to make a new hardware system in which all of the data will be erased from the phone with reset.

Therefore Android 3.0 was launched with the latest erasing system that will delete all of the data after reset to the factory settings and no data can be retrieved again. The Android system also used encryption in the data so the data can’t be readable if restored.