Send Fake Call & SMS Free App Download

Today we will tell you about a great new released app on Google play store, by this application you can make a fake and free call or SMS to your mobile phone to make fun with your friends and family. You can use any contact of your phone in this android application so just choose any contact or create and set the fake call.

But in my view this android app is not for just fun, it may be used on many chances of our life, like when we are at friend’s home and want to go back but the friend is insisting to not go then you can use this free fake call and SMS application and you can get away to back your home, I mean you can set a fake call or message of your mother or dad or elder brother.

Free Call Fake

You can also make pranks and fun with your girl friend or any other friends by setting a fake girl’s name call and message. You can utilize this android app in the many of your life’s situations, so download this free fake call and text SMS app from the google play store, the download link is given below.

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