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Cyanogen Platform SDK to be Released Very Soon

CyanogenMod is best known for its custom ROMs which, unlike ROMs, runs on hundreds of Android phones and tablets ranging from Samsung Galaxy S6 to HTD Desire HD. For CM lovers, there’s some good news! The team behind this famous CyanogenMod will release the Cyanogen Platform SDK very soon which will allow Android App developers...


Motorola Launches Android 5.1 Lollipop to Moto X

Motorola is one of the best liked and most used mobile device company in the world that people all over the world love to use due to the best features and contents provided in the devices for the people’s interest. Motorola also launches the latest systems to the Mobile devices for the use of the...


Tips for Improving Cloud Security

Better cloud security benefits us all and helps prevent hacking. Here are some excellent tips for improving your safety online. 1: Ensure your cloud system features strong data security features The cloud system you use should be designed to utilize encryption controls, antivirus programs, and other security features that protect data. The cloud system and...