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Livesuit is the advanced and the well known tool that helps the users to flash their NAND system using the application and it is available for the windows, Linux and MAC computers as well. Live Suit is developed by a third party manufactures named Allwinner that is helpful to flash Allwinner chips in the smart phones.

Live suit is a small tool builds to help the users that want to flash their stock firmware of Allwinner chipset series like A10, A13, A31 and many other smart phones as well. It is very easy to use and get the benefits of all the features available in the application. Here we share some of the most well liked features of the LiveSuit that makes it very distinguishable from the other applications that are running in the market nowadays.

Features of the LiveSuit Application

  • Flash Android firmware: Live Suit is the small valuable application and an easy tool that helps all of the users to easily flash any of the smart phones and get the latest Android firmware easily by the use of the LiveSuit application. The tool only requires the image of the firmware and simply loads the image file into the application and click on the run button to start the process of flashing easily.
  • Upgrade the system: in the LiveSuit the user get all of the step by step procedure of the installations and upgrading the firmware they will just follow up the instructions given and the work will done very easily in few seconds. In the tool easily load the image file and it will ask for the guide mode to enter the wizard so if the user select yes option so the application will automatically start over the guide of the update and will help all away to load the firmware as well.

Important Notes

  • All of the users will have the knowledge of how to install and run the LiveSuit application as well as they must have the information to operate the Live Suit in order to update or flash their smart phone.
  • The Live Suit tool is made by the Allwinner developers for the Allwinner chipset smart phones and might not work properly on the other chipset mobile devices.
  • If the users are not aware of the process of the installation and method of the LiveSuit application they can easily watch the tutorial of the LiveSuit.
  • The users will also know this that all of their personal data will be deleted permanently so before proceeding to the installation of the Android firmware take a proper backup of all the personal data. This is a data loss process in the Live Suit application.
  • If the users are getting the error as Device Not Found this means that your smart phone is not connected to the computer properly and it needs to be properly connected to run the application on your smart phone. In this case remove your smart phone from the computer and connect it again.
  • Live Suit has an alternative tool named as PhonixSuit that is also made by the Allwinner Technology for the flashing of the Android firmware on the smart phones.
  • LiveSuit is an Application of the Allwinner Technology and all the credits goes to the Allwinner Technology CO for their best work in the Android system.

Download LiveSuit All Versions

V 1.05

 V 1.06

 V 1.07

  V 1.09

 V 1.11

 The LiveSuit tool is now available in the market and the users can easily download the application from any of the website using the internet and they can have fun any time with the latest system and application that easily upgrade and flash the Allwinner chipset smart phones. LiveSuit Tool is now available in few of the versions and all these versions are available on the internet now.

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