Download Smart Phone Flash Tool (All Versions)

The smart phones have became the fashion of the people all around the world and the people has the latest and branded phones to impress the people all around as well as to have the best possible things in the smart phones as well. Sometimes the people face some problems in their phones so all these problems will also need to be solved and there are many of the android software developers around the world that made many of the applications to solve the problems of the people all around the world.

Recently the people that are using the android phones needs to have a flashing software that is the most great software for the correction of the mobile and to help out the users as well. Smart Phone Flash Tool is a flashing software that allows the users to flash the stock android firmware and Custom ROM on the Android smart phones and here are some of the best features of the Flash software downwards.

Features of the Smart Phone Flash Tool

  • Flashing Stock ROM: The Flash Tool allows the users of the smart phones to flash any of their smart phones on the scatter based firmware and help to upgrade their android firmware easily by the help of the mobile Flash software.
  • Recovery of Android: The Flash application helps the users of the Android firmware to flash any of the custom recovery files and they can simply make scatter firmware flash tool and run image on the android system very easily.
  • Memory Test using MTK: the Smart Phone Flash software is also used for checking the memory on the internal RAM and NAND flash devices as well. The Smart Phone Flash Tool also verify the memory of the smart phone.
  • Setting of the Mobile: The Flash Tool is the important tool that helps the users of the android smart phones to read and write the parameters of the smart phone. In this feature the users of the Android devices can read and write the data on the device any time by using OTP functions.
  • Formatting the device: the Smart Phone Flash Tool allows the users of the Android smart phones to format their smart phones on the MediaTek devices and it is very easy to use as well. The users will have to connect their smart phone to the system and load the scatter firmware file and easily press Format Button given in the menu.

Important Note:

  • The latest Flash Tool doesn’t require any of the special tutorial or guidelines to run the application. It is very easy to use and also simply loads the scatter file to run the android flashing on the device easily.
  • Before proceeding to the flashing of your device take the complete backup of the personal data present in the mobile because it is a data loss process and all of the data present in the mobile will be removed or deleted permanently.
  • The flashing of the smart phone void the warranty of the device so be sure that your smart phone has none of the warranty left before the flashing of the mobile.
  • This Smart Phone Flashing Tool is specially made by the MediaTek Inc and the copy rights of the application are reserved by the MediaTek Inc as well.

Download Smart Phone Flash Tool

V3.1216 V3.1222 V3.1224 V3.1238
V3.1304 V3.1312 V3.1316 V3.1328
V3.1332 V3.1344 V3.1343 V3.1352
V5.1408 V5.1436 V5.1452 V5.1504
V5.1520 V5.1524 V5.1528 V5.1532

The Latest Smart Phone Flashing Tool is now available for the Windows and MAC users and there are many of the versions of the application launched by the company with all enhanced configurations and features for the interest of the users. All of the users can easily download the Flashing Tool application easily from any of the website using internet and enjoy the features of the Flashing Tool.

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